Rajan Spolia

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On an instrument as widely played as the guitar, it is rare these days to hear a unique "voice" on the instrument.   Rajan has such a "voice".

Born in India, he has lived in England since the age of two and begun playing music at the age of seven.  His playing (incorporating elements of Indian Classical, Jazz and Blues) has drawn very favourable comments from such notable luminaries as Martin Taylor and John Mayer, as well as completely bewildering many (including the words No1 guitar mag "Guitarist").

Make sure you buy a copy of their first release of "Snake Music", it is a lovely album".


NEW !-   Three Monkeys Out NOW !

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Instrumental Album Featuring 5 Acustic guitar/tabla duets and uniquely 3 fretlessbass/tabla duets.  You've never heard anything like it-I promise you

All tracks recorded live onto DAT...No overdubs-No messin









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Special Thanks to: John Mayer, Martin Taylor, Iqbal, Aftab, Saqib, Paul Lowe, Rodger Watson, Rasta John.


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BURBS - British Unsigned Rock Band Site

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